Best Dissertation Writing Advice For Undergraduate Students

Many students agree that writing a dissertation is one of the major challenges that they face in their schooling years. You can imagine having to write a 10,000 words document for the first time. Writing a dissertation is an experience that is completely new and it is more independent as compared to your previous academic project. The good news is that this article with offer you good and practical advice on how to start, draft and even complete your dissertation.

Choosing a topic

You should bear in mind that the dissertation topic doesn’t have to be rigid. There are many people who keep changing the topic as they work, removing certain parts of the project and even adding on other ones. While it is important to keep your committee and advisor informed on the major changes in the focus, many disciplines do not require you to follow some strict research and writing plan as suggested in the dissertation proposal. Consider variables that could change or reduce the length, breath, depth and scholarly value of the study. Is it necessary to do away with one or two experiments, theories, years, regions or even case studies and still be able to make a valuable contribution. Inform your advisors on the changes that you may want to make. Go through other dissertations from your departments in order to get an idea of a topic that will offer a great dissertation.

Handling time management, exhaustion and money

Even with a lot of dedication to the dissertation and a good choice of topic, you can still find it difficult to complete the dissertation. This could be as a result of simple exhaustion, family responsibilities and financial stress. Here are a few ways that you can handle these issues:

take advice from an expert