List of Interesting English Literature Dissertation Topics

If you want a list of literature topics from the 17th century you might consider writing about:

If you want a list of literature topics from the 19th century you might consider writing on any of the following:

Remember that the dissertation is a long process so picking a topic that you truly love is paramount to your success. You will be working with this topic for an extensive period of time and if you do not love it then you will grow weary of it mid way through your project.

As you review the works and conduct your research remember the overall purpose of your writing this piece as a point of inspiration and motivation for you. Do not let yourself forget while you work that the entire point of this kind of essay is to fairly, completely, and thoroughly present the views of another person or to talk about a situation or an event. This writing presents details about a subject which does not include any development, criticism, or argument. The writer analyzes the subject to help make it clear. It is simply designed to help present information that might be hard to understand for the reader. This is usually going to be put before an analysis of parts of the use of analogies and pictures.

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