Creating Dissertation Titles On Social Media: 20 Great Suggestions

Social media as a term was born with the advent of newspapers and magazines. It has now taken shape of something that rules the planet and if thrown into space might take over the unknown worlds too. Social media in today's world has reached everyone in the form of television, radio, internet and of late as smart phones. Social media is one such thing without which a person is bound to feel incomplete and to an extent frustrated. It has taken us all across the globe, showed us the seven wonders, made us experience several incidents from the most remote places on earth and even the red atmosphere beyond earth in mars. There is nothing we cannot know about, no horizon undiscovered. Everything starting from the branded jeans we wear to the medicines we intake have been touched upon by the social media. It would not be a mammoth task to pick and choose topics for your dissertation from the vast world of social media. Here are some:

  1. Social media as the earliest form of communication
  2. Mass media is a deviation from social media.
  3. Social Media as the most dynamic ruler of the world
  4. The effect of Social media on industrialisation.
  5. Social media, a privy affair before publicity.
  6. Social media as a threat to mankind.
  7. Growth of an organization: Social media as staple.
  8. How Social media alone cannot deal with inferior offering.
  9. Social media as the one and only startegy for marketing products and services.
  10. How dangerous is malpractice of social media in an organization.
  11. Social media as a catalyst to mass media.
  12. The demand of free social media. How can you keep it free?
  13. Do social media follow macGyverism?
  14. Social media as the only means of communication.
  15. Social media and people.
  16. Social media and its healthy approach in healthcare organisatios.
  17. Social media is traditionally bound. Not using online opportunities is nefarious for the growth of social media.
  18. The unprecedented notion of social media is more positive than negative or harmful.
  19. Social media's real use in enhancing the education system.
  20. Social media and the art of living are inter-related.

Social media is intricately intertwined with everyone's lives. It has effected the world in more ways than one. Social media has transformed the globe into a global village. It has not only reached the remote corners of the world but also has conquered them. Social media breathes life to every inanimate thing. We humans can hardly deny its overt as well as covert presence in our lives.

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