Helpful Recommendations On How To Survive Your Dissertation Defense

Writing a paper such as this carries a lot of weight on your educational future. You cannot take one thing for granted. The people that will be following your progress are well-informed individuals. This means there is not too much that they have not heard or seen. The main objective in doing this presentation is to show these people you know exactly what you are talking about. There are certain things you can do to accomplish this task. This article will give helpful recommendations on how to survive your dissertation defense.

  1. There are different ways to take on getting through your defense. The way I like to think of it is being a lawyer in a courtroom. The audience and committee are the jury. Your task is to persuade them that your evidence is the information needed to convince everyone that you are right in your assumptions. You will be dealing with a lot of theory so the stronger and complete your case is the better.
  2. There is a belief in making a case. All you need is the audience to like you. You should have a complete understanding of your thesis at this point. The objective is to show the audience that you do. The audience are made-up of individuals that are experienced in your subject matter.
  3. When putting together your research try to gather up little-known facts that will keep the audience’s attention. This will show them that you put the time and effort into your work. Organize your material that will keep a steady flow to your presentation. There will be question & answer sessions during your presentation. Like the rest of the work you must stay in control every way possible. This is done with the questioning.
  4. You must prepare yourself for the audience’s attack on your work. Anticipate their questions. This way you can tear holes in anything they throw at you. The second set are the most important of the two. You must ask questions to the audience that can only be answered correctly by backing your opinion on the thesis. This will stick in their mind.
  5. Attitude and appearance will move the audience in your direction. You will know a lot about the subject matter. You should not come across as a know-it-all. Just be confident in a subtle manner. When you address the audience look them in the eye. Move with a smooth grace. Be sure your clothes and hair are clean. This is where you are selling yourself. Lastly, be sure you have fun they will feel and see it and will become part of experience.

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