Academic writing tips: what is a doctoral thesis?

The doctoral thesis is the final piece you need to produce before you graduate. The doctoral thesis serves as evidence that you can conduct proper research and analyses, and produce a top notch research paper without the assistance of your advisor. It shows your academic community that you are ready to be accepted as a scholar among them and that you have the skills necessary to make contributions to the academic world.

The thesis is a long process too. It is an assignment you know about from the beginning of your academic career, one which takes months and months to perfect. That is why it is important that while you are preparing to write your doctoral thesis you are always considering different topics and theses in the back of your mind, and setting aside an appropriate amount of time with which to dedicate to research and writing. With the finished product in hand, you will be well on your way to graduation and contributing more to the field of your study. Your thesis will be published and may even provide evidence for future scholars in your field.

Useful writing tips

Before you start writing your paper, bear in mind the following tips:

For those who are still struggling to find a broad research topic that can be narrowed down, look over the list below and see if any of the samples strike you as appealing:

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