Where to Get a Good Dissertation in Marketing Completely for Free

Finding a good dissertation to use as a sample is a great idea for marketing students working towards earning their degree. It’s a great way of learning how the work is structured, how introductions and conclusions are composed, and how arguments work together to support a thesis. However, more often than not graduate students at this point of their lives aren’t raking in piles of money, and are often forced to find a reliable sample at no cost. We’ve put together this list of five places to find a good marketing dissertation:

  1. Ask Your Writing Tutor for a Sample
  2. A lot of writing tutors work closely with several academic advisors and are often assigned to individual students to provide help during the dissertation writing process. Tutors usually keep several samples handy to distribute to anyone who asks. Ideally, you want to work with a tutor that can provide you with a marketing sample that deals with a topic related to your own.

  3. Get One from Your Dissertation Advisor
  4. You’re going to have to work closely with your advisor throughout the year as you work closer to your degree. You should plan to meet at least once a week and should consider getting a dissertation sample from him if you find yourself in any sort of trouble. You’re advisor should provide you with an example that shows exactly the level of writing that is expected of you.

  5. Get Help from the Online Community
  6. As a graduate student you should probably already be familiar with the many benefits of networking with members from the online community. In addition to being able to discuss several topics, exchange ideas and even get some critique on your work, you’ll also have access to other students who are currently working on or have completed a dissertation that they can loan to you for reference.

  7. Check Journal Publications for Samples
  8. By the time you are working on your final project to earn your degree you will have made several trips to the library to find your resources. Take another trip and check out some of the marketing journal publications to find examples of published papers. You can review everything from structure to proper citation.

  9. Get a Copy from a Professional Marketer
  10. Perhaps the best thing to do is go straight to the professionals. Look for people who have already earned their degree and are working in the field. Not only can they provide you with direct assistance, they may provide access to their recently published works or their graduate work.

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