Getting Well-Written Dissertation Abstract Examples for Free

The abstract of a dissertation is a little bit like the back of a novel except that it also summarizes the conclusions of the research so that there are no major surprises when you read it in full. Found at the absolute beginning of the dissertation, it is one of the first things your reader will see and can either work heavily in your favor or against it. If you need to see an example of an abstract to make sure you’re on the right track to creating your own, here are some good sources you can seek out at no charge.

The professor you’re most familiar with

The professor you are handing in the dissertation to may not be particularly approachable but you may know another who also has access to what you need. Ask nicely and he or she will most likely present you with a very well done abstract from a former student. If not, they may provide a link to a similarly impressive abstract that they’ve come across online.

The tutor you’re already paying

If you already have a tutor, it should not be much of a problem for that person to present you with an example of an abstract at your request. The same goes for many other samples of academic writing. If this is not included in the regular services you may be required to pay, however.

An extremely thorough search online

There are many abstracts available for review online. They will vary immensely in quality however, so you may need to be extra careful before you decide which one you will model your work after. If you aren’t certain you can tell the good from the bad, ask someone with more writing experience to make that selection for you.

A text book you may have previously overlooked

At times, books that deal with writing in detail contain actual examples of the types of formats they describe that have been selected by professionals and are basically flawless. Check out the books at your library or in your own possession for good dissertation abstract samples and see how well they meet your needs. You may be surprised by what you find.

With a well written abstract, your reader will look at the rest of your dissertation much more positively and this can lead to much better results when you are graded.

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