5 Things You Should Know when Buying a Dissertation Online

When you buy a dissertation online you should know a handful of things including:

  1. Know who you are working with. There are many writing services out there that provide dissertations among many other types of academic writing. But the problem is that you can review the site and the company and find everything up to snuff but you aren’t necessarily working with the person whose photo you see on the website. Many of these companies contract their writing work to dozens of freelance writers around the world with various qualifications. They may not even conduct an interview and may just find their writers from freelance sites after reviewing a portfolio. That is why it is important for you to know who exactly will be writing your dissertation. You should see about communicating directly with the writer or at least being able to review their portfolio or resume.
  2. Know what the prices are. Make sure you know the exact price for the research and the writing as well as any revision fees or emergency turnaround fees. You don’t want to read a per-page price and agree to hire only to find out when all is said and done that they also charge research fees in conjunction with the per price and you now owe double.
  3. Know what the policy is for revisions. This is important. If you are getting the work chapter by chapter and submitting it for approval to your board you will need to be able to get revisions if any should arise. You will want to find a company that includes this in the original price so that you can have the expert familiar with your work conduct any changes.
  4. Know what the policy is for plagiarism. Make sure they provide some measure of security against plagiarism. This is a very important piece and the last thing you want is to submit something and have your review committee accuse you of plagiarism and kick you out without your degree. See if they verify the work they do through any professional site. If they do make sure to ask for copies of the results that say the content is free from plagiarism.
  5. Know what the communication is like. Make sure you test their communication before you hire them to write your paper for you. See how quickly they return any requests.

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