Top 12 Most Interesting Dissertation Topics In Criminology

Criminology can be a fascinating subject for any student, but it is not something easy to approach. There are many aspects that need to be introduced, and you also need to deal with sensitive subjects. Especially when you talk about real events that happened, you need to be really careful what words you use. Also, there are some scientific aspects that need to be carefully analyzed since Criminology is also a science. If you are searching for an interesting topic for your criminology dissertation, take a look at these topics:

  1. Criminal children. There are several well-known children that committed murders, because they had mental diseases or because they were affected by external factors.
  2. Rehabilitation of murders. Many organizations make active efforts to reintegrate criminals in the society. What do you think about this?
  3. Serial killers. Serial killing is considered to be one of the most severe types of murder. You can mention a few famous criminals.
  4. Women and crime. There is a stereotype that only men are criminals, but this is not true. There are many known cases of murders committed by women.
  5. Crime control. What are the measures that the government is taking to prevent crimes? Are they effective?
  6. Is race a factor? Some people seem to think that individuals that belong to a certain race are more predisposed to commit crimes.
  7. Sexual harassment. This is an active problem in today’s society, and many countries don’t have active laws against it. It can happen everywhere, on the street or at work.
  8. Capital punishment. You can analyze this topic from moral and legal point of view. Does your country apply this penalty?
  9. Child abuse. There need to be severe laws against this issue, but, unfortunately, most of the time the cases don’t get discovered in time because the victims are afraid to speak.
  10. Imprisonment system. Many people believe that it’s not fair to support inmates from taxes. What do you believe?
  11. Alcohol as a trigger. In many parts of the world, alcohol is not only illegal, but it is considered to be one of the first motivations for people to commit crimes.
  12. Breaking the law for a good cause. No matter the intention, the action is still punished according to the law. You think there should be exceptions for people who commit an illegal act, but with a real intention or outcome?

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