Discovering Good Dissertation Topics In Philosophy: 30 Great Suggestions

If you need to create a paper for your philosophy course, it can be tricky to find a topic that meets the requirements of your professor, but is engaging for you at the same time. As long as you have fun writing it, your dissertation can be a successful one. It is vital to dedicate some days for research and to not neglect details like grammar or punctuation. These suggestions might help:

  1. Religious or moral principles. For many people, religious beliefs are not necessarily moral.
  2. Accepting homosexuality. Is it our duty to take what others consider abnormal?
  3. Feminism. Should women have equal rights with men in everything?
  4. Internal and external beauty. Old philosophers used to say that these are connected, now we know that the physical appearance has nothing to do with the personality.
  5. Is it acceptable to use drugs when we need them? For example, to enhance our performance in a competition.
  6. A personal set of principles. Each one of has a personal set of principles that dictate our actions and behavior.
  7. What is the true happiness? This is a question that raised many debates since centuries.
  8. Each person has a price. Discuss this statement.
  9. The biography of your favorite philosopher.
  10. Are people selfish in nature?
  11. The meaning of dreams and how are these connected with reality.
  12. When and what means to be impartial.
  13. Is it possible to perceive things from an objective point of view?
  14. Beauty is relative.
  15. If we act morally, we will be happy.
  16. Humans are social animals.
  17. We are not born with our personality, but we are forming it according to the environment.
  18. The attitude of other people is a reflection of our own behavior.
  19. As long as there are unhappy people, the humanity can not be happy.
  20. Following the law even when it is against our principles.
  21. The divinity and its impact on our morals.
  22. What is the meaning of life?
  23. The explanation of love and why people express it differently.
  24. Philosophy of science: is science more important than human nature?
  25. The laws of nature.
  26. Why people believe in divinity?
  27. Some philosophers seem to think that communism is the ideal system.
  28. Antique philosophy.
  29. Oedipus complex. Is there really a connection between children and the opposite sex parent?
  30. Are there moral principles that are right for every human being?

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