Brainstorming Strategies for Dissertation Topics

If you are tasked with writing a dissertation, you know that there is a long road ahead of you. Right from the start, your job is to find a topic that has not yet been thoroughly analyzed. It is your job to find a topic that has adequate published research available and one on which you can write for the set number of pages required of you.

If you need to pick a topic, you should try these brainstorming strategies:

  1. Free write for five minutes. Get all of your unrelated thoughts out of the way and open the doors to creativity.
  2. Look over notes and textbooks from all of your previous courses related to the dissertation subject area. You might find a topic that you always wanted to research further, but never had the time.
  3. Look over published dissertations and see if any of the topics inspire you. Try and find a topic or angle that is new. Find an argument that has not yet been published. Perhaps a great many studies have been focused on the brain’s physical size and the role this plays in generosity, and people have also published studies on how the brain is plastic and can be altered with exercise, but has anyone tried to tie the two together? Has anyone analyzed whether generosity can be grown by exercising the brain? Or vice versa?

Anyone who is looking for a topic in the field of education can consider the ideas below. These are meant only as a broad set of topics from which you are responsible for selecting a narrow thesis that applies. Make sure the idea fits within the confines of your project and is something that is of interest to you:

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