The Top 10 Best Finance Dissertation Topics To Consider

Your dissertation is likely to be the most challenging paper that you have written to date. Even if you have a great method of writing research papers, you may find this one to be a little harder. You probably won’t be able to complete it in just a few hours like your other papers. In fact, it will likely take you several weeks just to nail down a good topic to write about.

You need to start off strong if you want to write a successful paper and the best way to do that is to come up with a good topic to write about. Here are the top ten best finance dissertation topics to consider.

  1. Corporate governance and capital structure assessment
  2. Capital budgeting: Case study in the appliance industry
  3. Risk management: Case study of useful methods for retail industry
  4. Tax breaks: ways small businesses can benefit
  5. Profitability of international financial management
  6. Determinants of profitability: a look at the Canadian banking industry
  7. Escaping financial debt after losing a good job
  8. Knowing what to invest in: guide to surviving stock market
  9. Financial aid: impact of tuition forgiveness programs
  10. Shipping companies financial status: A look into Allied Van Lines

Now that you have decided on a topic, the next step is to work on your dissertation proposal. You will have to get permission from the board to write your paper on this topic. That means that you will need to prove to them that you can write a successful paper on this topic and you will prove it by presenting the articles and other sources that you will use to conduct the research. You will also have to give your reader a summary and tell them how that resource will prove you point.

You can get a sample paper that you can use as a guide and set your paper up to match the formatting style of the sample. It is a great way to ensure that you don’t forget anything important and that you will get a little organized so that you can work on one section at a time. That way if you need to jump around a little or find an interesting fact for another section, you won’t get yourself confused. It is a really strong way to make sure things are working out.

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