Where To Look For The Best Example Of A Dissertation Acknowledgement

When writing a dissertation, there is generally a requirement to write an acknowledgement section. Whilst most of the other sections of your paper will be concentrated on academic writing, the acknowledgement section simply gives you a chance to name and thank any of the people that have helped you when writing the work. You will most likely wish to include people like your tutors and other academic staff, your friends, family, as well as anyone else who may have assisted you along the way.

For a better understanding of how to complete the work to a satisfactory standard, you may be wishing to look for examples written by other people. The following outlines various suggestions in order to help you find the samples that you are looking for.

Look for pre-published work on university websites

Many universities and educational establishments will publish work written by their students. Sometimes the reasons for this will be to assist their students when writing their own work, by providing a high quality essay for them to read and refer to. Alternatively, sometimes it’s simply a good way for universities to demonstrate the qualities that they expect of their students. Either way, this can be a great way of finding high-quality academic papers, including the acknowledgement section of dissertations.

Search for dissertations on peer review websites

Another place to look for high quality academic papers written by students and individuals who are studying at a higher level is to look on the websites that allow people to publish papers for peer review. Peer review websites essentially allow other individuals to read over and critique an essay that has been written by other people. These are particularly important in the scientific community, and help to develop our understanding of science.

The peer review process is taken very seriously; therefore, the work that you find will normally have been written to a high a standard as possible. As a result, it is great place to find and learn from essays that are been written by other people.

Looking for examples that are both free or that cost you money

Finally, it is possible to download samples you find online from websites that specialise in providing academic papers for students. Some of these websites are available free, whilst others will require you to pay for the services. In fact, some of the websites that cost you money will offer other services as well, such as proofreading, editing, or even having bespoke essays created.

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