A Guide for Dissertation & Thesis Writers: Learn to Write Better

Writing a dissertation will be one of the longest, most difficult projects that a student ever takes on. In order to get the best grade possible, students have to be talented at marshaling evidence and writing elegantly. Once this paper is completed, students will be able to use it to get jobs or into other academic programs. With such a strong focus on completing this document, students need all of the help that they can get.

Dispelling Myths

Many students believe that they must start writing a paper at the beginning and work chapter-by-chapter until they reach the end. In general, the paper will be better written if students begin with the section that they are most comfortable with. The paper can be written in any order as long as each section is completed by the deadline.

Keep Real Names in the Beginning

At the end of the writing process, names may need to be changed to provide the test subject with anonymity. During the writing process, students should keep the real names in. This will allow the student to easily remember who they are discussing. Once the paper is complete, they can use a basic word program to substitute real names for fake ones.

The Proposal Matters

A strong proposal will make the entire writing process much easier. If the proposal is well-written, students can simply change the future tense to the past tense and use it as their research methodology section. By using the proposal as the research methodology section, students can save valuable time during the writing process.

Save Time on Graphing

At some point, the academic adviser will tell the student how to format and present their graph. Due to this, students should not waste their time trying to format an elaborate table into their dissertation. They can hand draw the graph in a matter of minutes and use it when they meet with their adviser. Once the adviser tells them what they expect from the graph, the student can go back and create it in a word program.

Forget About the Trees

This is one of the longest papers that a student will ever write. There are bound to be multiple drafts that are just thrown out. Students should stop worrying about wasted paper and just focus on completing their essay. To make editing easier, they should print each draft on a different color of paper. This will allow the student to easily find the most recent draft. It will also let them locate the version that the committee member is currently reading.

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