Brainstorming for Compelling Dissertation Topics in Psychology

To write the best psychology paper, students have to come up with a compelling topic. Although the academic adviser may have suggestions, they cannot select the actual topic. Students that need help should begin by researching the subject matter to gain ideas. Afterward, they can sit down and begin brainstorming about the topic.

Why Choosing a Good Topic Matters

A dissertation is not just a collection of random research. This document contains a careful argument that is formatted around a key point. Each topic basically serves as the foundation of the entire argument. For the student to research, write and turn in a paper, they must have a central thesis to focus on. Over the next few years, the student will spend all of their time focusing in on a single subject area. If the topic is boring, the student will find it impossible to remain focused on their degree.

Visit a Favorite Professor or a Faculty Adviser

One of the best sources of new ideas is a professor. Over the course of their education, students often develop a close relationship with one of two professors. When it is time to complete a dissertation, they can turn to this professor for extra help.

Read Through Literature Reviews

Students can try reading dissertations in the same subject area, but it could take weeks to read through just ten of them. Instead of wasting valuable time, students can hone in on a single part of dissertations: the literature review. Within this short review, a number of different topics are discussed. Students can use the literature reviews from other thesis papers to gain a quick grasp of the state of the field. In addition to helping the student find a topic, reading the literature review will give the student a better understanding of what to write in their own review.

Avoid Emotional Topics

Psychology is all about emotions, but it should not involve the student's personal feelings. If the student has a loved one who suffers from bipolar disorder, they should pick a different subject. Students that are emotionally invested in their topic are unable to stay objective as they write their paper. There is an extremely fine line between an interesting topic and a subject hat the student is emotionally involved in. If the student is not sure if they can be objective, they should always look for another subject to write about.

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