What is The Most Appropriate Dissertation Proposal Format?

Before you write your final dissertation, you will be required to write something know as a dissertation proposal. What a dissertation proposal is a proposition about what you intend to write your long form dissertation on. The most appropriate way to write a dissertation proposal is as a presentation. It should have an introduction, some supporting arguments about why your dissertation concept is a good idea, and conclusion. When writing your dissertation proposal try to think of it as making a pitch to the faculty. You can use visual aids and examples to help make your case. Writing a great dissertation proposal is all about is brief but detailed about what you want to write on- without going through the complete writing process.

How To Approach You Dissertation Proposal

As we mentioned before your dissertation proposal should be written in different parts. About 5- paragraphs like an argumentative essay will work. Use a compelling introduction to get the readers attention and then use 3 or more interesting arguments to support “why” you should be allowed to write on your chosen topic. In these arguments explain why the information that you are going to include in your dissertation is important. Make sure that you are clear and get to the point. Your dissertation proposal does not have to be overly explanatory.

Dissertation Proposal Writing: Make It A Pitch To The Faculty

It is important for aspiring dissertation writers to know that the proposal is not the dissertation itself. Your proposal should not include any of the research or information intended for the dissertation. Instead it should include why you want to write on that topic as well as an argument about why you SHOULD write on your chosen topic. You may want to use visuals examples to make your case.

If you are still unclear about the best way to approach your dissertation proposal-writing project then we highly recommend you sit in on a dissertation proposal session at your post secondary institution. Watching someone else present their proposal is likely the best way for you to better understand how to appropriately tackle this part of the dissertation process. Observing someone else’s proposal pitch should make writing your own much easier. Plus it will give you a sense of what you need to do in order to have your dissertation pitch successfully accepted.

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