History Dissertation Topics: Comparing Personalities

It is an open secret that every historical event can be related to a certain human figure. Sometimes, the actions of one man or woman can change the history of a particular country or the entire world. These people can cause global wars and military conflicts, change society’s attitudes to a particular race, save millions from deadly disease, or make women wear a particular type of clothing.

It is always thrilling to investigate people of different historic periods, as their life stories reveal various secrets and fascinating facts. However, it is even more interesting to compare two historic figures and find similar features that unite them.

Here is a list of history dissertation topics that presuppose comparative studies of historical personalities:

  1. The rise to power: Hitler and Stalin.

    Explore the early days of these historical characters; trace the factors that contributed to the developments of their tyrannical dispositions.

  2. Hitler and Mussolini: two ways to build fascist societies.

    Write about fascist theories created by Adolph Hitler and Benito Mussolini; find similarities and differences, and explore the reasons for them.

  3. Coco Chanel vs Gianni Versace: how to create fashion.

    Write about the creative careers of these two fashion giants, and the ways they achieved success.

  4. Two music kings that died too early: Elvis Priestley and Michael Jackson.

    Examine the lives of these famous musicians; explore the reasons that led to their early deaths.

  5. Social theories that changed the world: Lenin vs Hitler.

    Explore the theories created by these two leaders; trace the events that brought about their appearances.

  6. The destructors of monarchy: Lenin and Cromwell.

    Study the methods the leaders used to destroy the monarchical regimes in their countries; state which one was the most traumatic to the respective country’s well-being.

  7. They just wanted to rule the world, that’s all: Alexander the Great and Napoleon.

    Write about the tragic lives of these combat leaders, notably the factors that brought about their failures.

  8. Young tyrants: Peter the Great and Alexander the Great.

    Explore how early access to total power affects the development of one’s personality, as exemplified by the two rulers.

  9. Great innovators: Peter the Great and Charles XII of Sweden.

    Study the fundamental modernizations conducted by these historic personalities, especially their influences on the developments of the states they ruled.

  10. Khrushchev and Eisenhower: the crusade for peace.

    Explore the legacies of these two political leaders, who both saved the world from the threats of the Cold war. Dwell on the factors that influenced their peaceful politics.

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