How To Find A Proper Template For A PhD Dissertation Title Page

Templates simplify the process of writing your Phd dissertation. It will provide an outline where you will only be required to fill in your content. The quality of outline you use will determine fidelity to the rules for compiling a PhD dissertation title page. The use of a weak or inappropriate outline will lead to costly errors that will definitely affect your performance. It will lead to waste of time and resources since you might be required to repeat all the work.

Where to find quality templates for PhD dissertation title page

Ask Your Supervisor

You have a supervisor and a committee to assist you through your dissertation journey. Part of the guidance includes provision of necessary resources and materials for completing your paper. Beyond the title template, they will provide templates for the body, discussion, referencing and conclusion. The committee also provides samples of PhD dissertation to assist you in compiling your work. It is easier to consult your supervisor and the committee because they are always available and will not charge you for their services.


The library contains a collection of learning materials that is thoroughly checked before being cataloged in shelves. Libraries run by universities endeavor to protect their reputation and will therefore ensure that the quality of learning resources provided is as high as possible. They also provide academic resources and PhD dissertation templates in different formatting styles and for each field of study. You are guaranteed of quality if you use the library as the source of template.

Online library portals make access to these materials easier. You can download the template from any location and at any time. Some universities provide templates for access by the public while others restrict access to registered students only. Whichever the case, libraries remain your best source of templates for PhD thesis templates.

Online Academic Services

There are writing agencies and academic resource websites that provide a host of services. These services include templates, samples, outlines and actual writing services. They are likely to charge you for their services and therefore should be prepared. When making a request, ensure that you quote your discipline of study and the formatting style demanded. This will ensure that you get the right template.

It is worth noting that supervisors provide unique details to students on the expected format for PhD dissertation. Such details might not be captured in the template. Ensure that you domesticate your template so that it reflects these unique details provided by your supervisor, department or university.

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