Getting Ready For Undergraduate Dissertation Defense Presentation

First of all to prepare yourself for a presentation you have to choose wisely on a topic you have an interest in so you can concentrate and not lose focus. Once you make sure these things are clear the next step is to investigate how the procedure to follow is made at your school.

Some schools require you to follow a list of steps while others just make a few questions about the presentation. Here are a few pieces of advice we recommend for you:

  1. Ask for help. Join a study group in you school to discuss questions about this issue. This will help you answer some questions that you can come across with.
  2. Be passionate about your topic of defense. If you have chosen this wisely it is because you have a lot of knowledge about it. The judges of your presentation will be more involved in your topic if you seem more confident about it.
  3. Try to relax. For the moment you have to present your dissertation defense presentation in front of the judges you ought to be an expert in this area. It is normal to feel a little nervous, but this could interfere with your speech. Making breath exercises could help you in this.
  4. Try not to read everything. During your presentation try to memorize certain facts so you don’t need to read. Reading sometimes could mean you are not fully prepared.
  5. Focus on yourself. By this moment in your speech being affected by the judges will not make you feel sure about yourself, so try not to overthink about their opinions.
  6. Consider recording yourself. With a little portable recorder register your presentation and the judges comments and questions. In the first place, you will feel more secure due to the device taking notes for you. Second, you will have a permanent register during your speech and could relisten in order to revise your speaking abilities.

To finish, this steps would make you feel more confident about your presentation and get ready in terms that could benefit the way you portray yourself in front of the judges. You just need to be sure you have made a great job and you can show the confidence that you have put in your work, in order for the people who are listening to your dissertation defense presentation criticize it in a good way.

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