Writing About Education: Dissertation Topic Ideas For Students

Education is an extremely vast subject, which makes it wonderful to study. However, this vastness may also make it somewhat difficult to choose a dissertation theme when you do your postgraduate degree. That’s exactly why we’ve compiled this list of exceptional dissertation topic ideas for students, so carry on reading.

Some great topic ideas

  1. 1. Ways in which technology can be used to aid learning
  2. Modern technology is unavoidable, so instead of fighting it, we should find ways in which we can use it to aid learning. Discuss the potential for technology to aid learning.

  3. 2. The possible dangers of teaching
  4. Sadly, reports of teachers being hurt by students are not uncommon. Discuss this growing problem.

  5. 3. The encouragement of adult learning
  6. Adult learning is an important type of education that needs to be encouraged. Discuss ways to encourage adult learning.

  7. 4. The effects of homeschooling on social development
  8. Some people believe that homeschooling has a negative impact on children’s social development. Investigate and discuss this.

  9. 5. Teaching as a job versus teaching as a vocation
  10. Some teachers view teaching as simply a job to earn money, while others believe it is a calling or vocation. Discuss the differences in these beliefs.

  11. 6. Factors that affect learning
  12. There are numerous factors that affect a person’s ability to learn, such as cultural factors. Investigate and discuss these factors.

  13. 7. School as preparation for tertiary education
  14. It has often been suggested that schools do not adequately prepare young people for tertiary education. Study and discuss this opinion.

  15. 8. The advantages of preschool
  16. Attending preschool has many advantages for children. Discuss these advantages.

  17. 9. The benefits of holistic education
  18. Proponents of holistic education claim that it has many benefits that ordinary schooling does not. Describe these benefits.

  19. 10. Quality of learning at public schools versus private schools
  20. There is often heated debate about the quality of learning at public schools versus private schools. Investigate and discuss this issue.

Other places to find topic ideas

If, after reading this list, you still don’t know what theme to write about, you may need to have a look for some inspiration elsewhere. You can try reading a few reputable textbooks or academic journals on education. Alternatively, you can have a look on the Internet to try to spark your creativity. Try to find a decent website about education, and check this site for some promising themes.

With some luck, one of these topics will be just perfect for you! Then you can start working on a dissertation that will amaze your professor and earn you an outstanding grade!

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