Helpful ideas for students: demystifying dissertation writing

A dissertation is an extended piece of writing that analyzes a significant subject matter. To state it clearly: a dissertation is an academic piece of writing that is divided into six chapters. The purpose of a dissertation is to examine your subject matter and make an argument based on information you have found.

When writing your dissertation be mindful of these things:

In order to graduate they must write a dissertation on a matter that is of concern to their academia. The subject matter must be an in depth analysis on a new idea that can improve their field of study.

For Example:

A medical student would write a dissertation on a matter that concerns the medical field, whether that is biology, chemistry, or anatomy.

They could do case studies, research, and experiments on how to cure diseases or make medical advancements.

The important aspect of a dissertation is that it must be an original idea.

After forming your hypothesis you must prove your hypothesis in every possible way. Their can be no error in this dissertation, nor can there be any unanswered questions. Every question you propose must have an answer backed up by credible sources. You cannot propose something that cannot be proven. What you are supporting must be able to have an impact on your field of study. You are offering something that can be put to use in the real world. You must be able to impart knowledge whether that is literary or scientific.

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