15 Interesting Dissertation Topics on Product Design

Product design and the companies that built a business around new products are popular dissertation topics for a variety of degrees. This I because when a product is designed, the successful ones all include a multifunctional team with a variety of interesting life experiences.

  1. Discuss William Addison Dwiggins the originator of the graphic design idea. He wrote an article in the 1920’s that revolutionized the printing world. He is considered the founding father of modern graphic design processes.
  2. Discuss designing new products for the furniture industry that are influenced by the changing tastes being seen within the interior design market.
  3. Designing computers and computer equipment so that it is easy to use by a variety of generations of people with varying familiarity with technology.
  4. Develop and discuss product design methodology including the process flow, check points and the responsibilities of the multiple different team members.
  5. Review the evolution of fashion design with the prevalence of computers within the design world. Have computers and computer technology made it easier or more difficult to be creative.
  6. Discuss new product color trends in the automotive industry and how television, movies and even digital advertising have influenced people’s interests.
  7. Highlight how need influences new product designs for kitchen appliances.
  8. Evaluate the evolution of the semiconductor and how Moore’s Law influences the size and density of the next generation semiconductors.
  9. Discuss cloud computing and whether new computer products will be designed solely around this technology.
  10. Choose five of the most innovative inventions of the last century and show their influence on design technology.
  11. What is the greatest new product design in the history of mankind? Choose one and argue a philosophical standpoint.
  12. Show the influence of science fiction writing on new product design and how some new designs were actually described in writing.
  13. What new products will the future bring? What is the next great idea that will take humanity into the next century?
  14. Discuss change control management within the product design process show how it works to help new designs be more robust.
  15. Look at different product launch strategies and how they vary by industries throughout the world.

When you are tasked with developing a large paper or dissertation regarding product design, consider one of these fifteen topics as a potential for you to use.

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