How To Write An MLA Dissertation In A Correct Way

Information in a research paper should be coming from a reliable source such that the credibility of the ideas can be proven. Dissertations may sometimes fulfill the requirement since they are rooted in academic institutions. For that reason, it is important that when writing such a paper, you should follow the guideline to cite the piece correctly. Using the MLA 7th edition, the only correct way to have your article quoted is as follows.

Follow correct in Text and Context citation

When creating a citation in a dissertation paper, the parenthetical citation includes the author's last name and the page number. On the other side, on the works cited page, the unpublished citation will begin with the author's last name and the first name follows. This is then preceded by the title of the paper in quotation marks which will show that it is a dissertation document. This will be followed by the city of publication and the year then the list of publication medium such as print will follow. A period is to be placed between all portion except between the city and the year where a comma will be used. Publication retrieved from the web, just follow the above with the date of access being updated correctly.

Copyright and Signature Page

This page comes immediately after the title page that has the name of the institution, the name of the student, title of the paper and the committee in charge. This page will allow you tell the public that your work has been protected by copyrights if you only wish. For the students who may not want to include copyright, they will have to add the page, though it will be left blank and unnumbered. The preceding page is that which contains the signature of all the committee members with all the information being vertically centered.

Table of contents and the Acknowledgments page

A dissertation paper must have an approved acknowledgment part with all the parts of the document clearly labeled in the table of contents page. However, the page will not be needed if you are presenting a document that has been co-authored.

Abstract and the Main Body

While writing such a paper, you must ensure that it has an abstract the will tell the reader what is contained in the article. It gives an overview of the main part of the document that is the body. The body, however, explains the purpose of the paper and all the explanations that might be needed.

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