Dissertation Topics About The Vietnam War: 20 Original Ideas

Also known as the second Indo-china war, the Vietnam War was a cold war era that happened from 1st November 1955 and where Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia were the prime participants. The wars of all times that ever occurred in world history have been the topic of research for many students of History, Sociology or Economics.

In the post-graduate and research level, often students run out of topic while finding the perfect topic for dissertation. The Vietnam War has often been assigned as a dissertation topic and many find it very difficult to come up with original topics of dissertation relevant enough. To sort out this very issue, today we are compiling twenty topics that can be pursued for research on Vietnam War.

Topics related to Vietnam war

  1. Background of the Vietnam War:

  2. Vietnam war and Guerilla tactics

  3. Compare and contrast between Johnson’s and Nixon’s Vietnam War strategies

  4. What way the role of media played during this time that influenced the opinion of the people about Vietnam War?

  5. What led to the defeat of America in the Vietnam War?

  6. What led to the US declaring the Vietnam War?

  7. What changes occur in the foreign policies of the US after the 2nd World War and that prevailed till the Vietnam War?

  8. What were the reasons for Vietnamese communist forces being more influential than the technologically advantageous armies of the US?

  9. What was the role played by the “Cold War” with the Soviet Union at the commencement of the Vietnam War?

  10. Discuss the main objectives of the governments of the US and Vietnam during the war.

  11. What influence did the antiwar movements in the US exert on the country?

  12. Role of women in the Vietnam War.

  13. How did the views and principles of US and that of Ho Chi Minh and the Vietnamese communists differ from each other?

  14. What is Tet offensive and how did it influence American politics, society and the war in Vietnam?

  15. Can the Vietnam War be justly called the President’s War?

  16. What were the social and economic impacts of the Vietnam war?

  17. Did the Vietnam War evoke fear of communism?

  18. The Myths and Reality of the Vietnam War.

  19. Student vs Politics- a perspective on the Vietnam War.

  20. The use of literature, music and other art forms to convey the causes of Vietnam War.

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