Macroeconomics Dissertation Topic Ideas: Current Issues to Analyze

Macroeconomics focuses on the study of economic aggregates –- interest rates, exchange rates, monetary economics, economic policy, families and consumption, and government issues in economics.

Macroeconomics is a vast field and it can be difficult to find a topic for a dissertation because of the sheer number of issues that are current that are going on right now in our very tangled and complex economy.

One tip I can give you is to write about the topic that most fascinates you in economics, or one which you find so interesting you look forward to discussing it in class. These are the topics which you can discuss at length on your own and discuss at length with the research which you will enter into a dialogue with within your project.

One of the hottest topics in macroeconomics is any analysis of emerging markets in macroeconomics.

Here are some other topics that you might consider.

  1. How do interest rates affect consumption in the United States?
  2. Economic issues in London—the most expensive place to live in the world
  3. Regional convergence in the US and UK.
  4. How United Kingdom interest rates are related to European interest rates. How do interest rates affect consumption in the UK?
  5. Salary inequalities in a country you find fascinating in terms of its economic change.
  6. The causes and consequences of the changes in the dollar over time in a European countries.
  7. Unemployment and labor regulation in the United States.
  8. Obamacare and its effect on US economies.
  9. United States monetary policy over the last twenty years.
  10. Regional convergence in the United States: Emergent Theories
  11. Regional convergence in the United States: Periods of Transition
  12. Exchange rates in the United States: Variance and Changes
  13. Agricultural policy and its effect on the United State’s economy
  14. The United States Economy in the 21st Century: Where are We Going, Where Have We Been?”
  15. Foreign Investment in the United States and its Effects on the United State’s Economy
  16. National Income Analysis in the United States
  17. Inflation and the Role of the Government in the United States
  18. Money and Banking in the United States
  19. Unemployment in the US
  20. The United States and Economic Growth and Stability
  21. The Role of the Government in United States Economics
  22. Fluctuations of Growth and Decline in US Economics
  23. The United States Federal Budget
  24. SMEs and Entrepreneurship in the United States

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