In Search of a Free Human Resource Management Dissertation

This organizational function is in place to maximize employee performance in support of an employer’s strategic objectives. Its primary concerns are with how people are managed, focusing on systems and policies. This area of expertise usually requires programs of study pertaining to HR or related fields. The area also lends itself to a wide variety of topics suitable for dissertation work or other high-level academic scholarship. When you are need of topic ideas for your own dissertation it’s a good idea to find an example piece to use as a guide. Here are some places to find a free copy:

Check Human Resource Related Websites

The field is so broad and affects nearly every organization in the nation that there are dozens of websites dedicated to HR trends, facts, data and other information. You should be able to find recent HR dissertations on a wide variety of topics. Since the field is about improving workplace conditions and employee performance throughout, most of the dissertations should be available for free download.

Read Human Resource or Labor Management Journals

You may be aware that every niche field will likely have several industry journals in publication both online and in print. The same is true about the HR industry, which at times has as many as a dozen academic-level journals in publication each year. Read through these to get ideas for your paper, find out what the latest discussions focus on, and to review sample copies to help guide your own work.

Check Government Labor Websites

The federal government has a website devoted to labor stats and data. On these sites you will find several articles backed by academic and federal research detailing various aspects of the current labor and HR industries in the nation. Even if you don’t find an example you feel matches your own topic, you are sure to find plenty of useful information you will be able to cite in your research.

Visit National Conferences or Other Organizations

This last idea is a great way to give your network of professionals a boost, while gathering valuable information from professionals in the field. National conferences and organizations are full of published works by experts in the field who have recently published or will be publishing works that would make for excellent samples. You may even find an expert that would be willing to help you out personally, thus ensuring you craft a great paper.

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