7 Mistakes To Avoid While Writing A Biology Dissertation

If you are working on your next biology dissertation, you may need some useful advice on what kind of common mistakes to avoid. Read this post to find what most inexperienced authors do wrong frequently.

  1. 1. Using old data in your dissertation. This is a very concerning mistake that you should avoid at any cost. The best way to assure the validity of the data is to check the date when it was collected, i.e. if it is a survey take a look at the date when it took place ans so on. Old data can leas to misleading conclusions, you should use that information carefully.

  2. 2. Not being careful about the sources and references. On the same page as the previous mistake, you should also avoid using information from unreliable sources. Moreover, if you include some data, make sure to create a reference that allow a reader to check this source. For instance, if you used a website, add a link that is not broken in the reference section.
  3. 3. Providing content form other authors without authorization. This is a common overlooked mistake that should not be underestimated. You are able to cite authors but copying content from their works is not allowed. Besides, it is not honest. If your dissertation is approved and someone discovers the fraud, you may lose your degree depending on the circumstances. As you can see, the repercussions should be considered.
  4. 4. Adding pictures with copyright without permission. Use copyleft content if you need pictures or create your own images. In other words, use images that don't have legal restrictions on its use in order to avoid problems.
  5. 5. Using different hyphenation and abbreviations in the same text. This is a mistake that has to do with style and presentation of he document. It is not correct to change these parameters on the go because the reader can get confused.
  6. 6. Presenting disorganized information. Managing the date you are going to present is important to make it easier the comprehension to the audience.
  7. 7. Lacking coherence within the sections. Most fresh writers lose the coherence as they create a long dissertation. In this regard, it is important to be organized and even plan the sections before stating to write. You should always keep the synergy among the sections in order to come up with an excellent biology paper.

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